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ADHD Instagram Accounts I love!

Hot Mess Express

Allison Zinnick

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When I was diagnosed…in 2008 (ew).. there was no instagram. There was no Tik Tok. I felt largely alone in my diagnosis.

For those getting diagnosed now in 2024, you guys have a one up. You have so many people, groups, articles, videos, at your disposal. One of the biggest power moves you can do with this diagnosis is take the time to learn about why your brain is doing this, and how to manage it.

When I joined Tik Tok, I started sharing about my ADHD, and what followed was a community of women joining me.

To go through life thinking …

Why am I like this?

And then to look around and see women nodding their heads in agreement when you talk about your struggles to do basic tasks – it’s so reassuring. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not:

  1. Crazy

  2. Lazy

  3. Rude

Your brain just works differently.

My Favourite Accounts

I don’t know if you’re like me, but my nutrition is hot garbage during the day.

I forget to eat. I eat for stimulation. I get overwhelmed when I think of the tasks required to make a meal.

She offers bite sized slides (important with brains like ours) giving us meal and snack ideas – with a dash of humour. Love her!

I like Coaching With Brooke because she offers a mixture of humour with empowerment.

When I read her content I feel good about myself.

I feel understood.

Jo is an ADHD mentor and coach and her content is so aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful graphics with easy to digest information.

She leads with kindness and understanding.

Who doesn’t love a good meme? I have ADHD, but I also have a son with ADHD (not shocking – it’s genetic). I LOVE this account because well – memes.

Are you like me and terrible with money?? The ADHD Accountant offers tips and tricks that will work for ADHD brains.

Results may vary 😂

Krista and I follow each other on Tik Tok and I just love her. She’s a mom of neurodiverse kids, she also has ADHD.

Krista is just..likeable. No two buts about it. She posts relatable content and I just love her. I could also listen to her laugh..forever.

There are definitely more accounts that I like, but in true ADHD fashion, I didn’t save them and now I can’t find them with the algorithm. So this may be a live list :).

Last..but not least

ME! Lol. you didn’t think I was going to get through a whole post without plugging myself did you??

I work really hard to post content that is relatable and fun. And truly, I get a lot of dopamine out of comments that say:

This is just like me!!

by Allison Zinnick February 7, 2024

by Allison Zinnick February 2, 2024

by Allison Zinnick January 29, 2024

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