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Brains & Paninis

I wrote a bunch and it was very grumpy so I’m going to readjust.

As you may know, I have the ADHD, sprinkled in with some anxiety. Fun! 🙂 I was listening to my favourite podcast – Real Talk With Ryan Jespersen – and they were talking about the narrative that kids need to get back to school for their mental health. I was so impressed that Dr. Tyler Black actually said the opposite.

The first thing I do when I see a kid is give them time off of school.” Dr. Tyler Black

Throughout this pandemic, the government – and antivaxxers – have gone on and on about mental health. Newsflash – it has never been important to the government – and it still isn’t. “Mental Health” is being used to get the economy back moving – and putting people at risk.

How do I know?

When I realized at age 21 that something may be wrong – not because of my own health care professionals but rather the internet. The process of accessing mental health resources was beyond ridiculous – and it’s no wonder that people either give up trying or search out more accessible means like drugs or alcohol to cope.  If it’s so important – make it easy. Make it easier for people to get help. Put mental health centres all over the province. Provide subsidies for medication and psychiatric supports. Of course – these cost money. BUT IF MENTAL HEALTH IS “SOOOOO IMPORTANT” DO IT.

The ONLY reason it’s important to this government now, is to get people back to work, kids back in school, so that the economy keeps moving.  People with mental health issues have long been ignored by government and stigmatized by the rest of society.

If you are in need of support, for ADHD and anxiety, reach out to me. We can talk and I will listen. If you are in need of professional services, log onto this confusing page with a 1000 links that will send you on a wild goose chase trying to identify the best avenue to get yourself help.

Until next time lovers. Stay well.

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