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Corporate Exile – I got fired

I’ve been hesitant to put those exact words out into the universe, but I got fired. I haven’t said it out loud because honestly I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet. I wasn’t sure if I’d be looking for a traditional corporate job again.

As it stands…I still don’t know

I worked in government for almost a decade. I worked hard. I mastered skills. I never had a negative performance review. Government organizations are notorious for turnover. Cutting someone loose when they don’t serve them anymore. This year it was my turn. Over the past year I started to remove some of the ‘masks’ that make life with this disorder so exhausting. I was more open with my direct supervisor about the struggles I faced.

Don’t make that mistake. Be more careful – if you intend to keep your corporate 9-5 that is. In the end, I’m now free to raise my kids. I’m free to investigate my own ventures.

This is my #Amazon Affiliate Link – Disclaimer – products you purchase through this link will give me a small commission.

Lastly – I’m still doing portraits. Let me know if you’d like some family photos done.

Thank you for your support!

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