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Help your #ADHD kid – 5 things to start doing today

#5 is the MOST important of all

Hi! I’m Allison – an #ADHD OG and mom to an ADHD kid

I’m not an expert. Note that the following is just what I’ve learned from personal experience and experts along the way. Please consult your doctor for more information.

If you’re here reading this, I know that you’re the kind to go to the ends of the earth to help your child thrive in every way. When your child is diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it can feel overwhelming. So much information, so much you’re going to have to adapt to. The good news, is there are resources and steps you can take to help them and you.

First – let’s talk briefly about what ADHD is. ADHD is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to focus, control impulses, and keep their energy levels consistent. It’s not about being lazy, or lacking motivation. Believe me. Whether it’s your spouse, friend, or in this case your kid – you need to understand that they’re not choosing to act this way. They’re not choosing these behaviours, or intentially being disruptive. They’re likely struggling to handle their symptoms.

#1 – Learn About ADHD

This is both true if you’re diagnosed yourself, and if you have someone in your life that has recently been diagnosed. The more you learn, the more you can help and support your neurospicy kiddo. So, take your time, do some reading! I’ve listed a few of my favourite #ADHD instagram accounts here. There are also some great #ADHD books to read! Although I prefer the bite sized method – because you know, ADHD. Having all of this information will help you help them.

#2 – Recognize and Tame Symptoms

ADHD is not just an overabundance of energy or a short attention span. In fact, it’s because of this myth that girls often go undiagnosed. Nope, there’s more to it. ADHD can also influence a child’s emotions which could look like mood changes, a quick temper, or a tough time handling stress. AKA – meltdown city. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that sounds like my child on a Monday morning.” And I get it. But with ADHD, it’s a bit different. These aren’t just occasional moments of frustration – they’re consistent patterns that can interfere with your child’s daily life. And that’s true for adults as well. In my Tik Tok comments are people all the time asking “wait, does this mean I have ADHD?”, and the truth is I don’t know. Most people in their daily lives experience the things that come with ADHD. It’s when it impacts their daily functioning, is when it is ADHD.

Recognizing these signs are important because it gives your kid a chance to cope. You can use this insight to teach them strategies for handling their emotions. Maybe that’s deep breathing exercises, or perhaps it’s a quick walk around the block to blow off some steam.

Every child is different, and you know yours better than anyone. So you’re the best person to figure out what strategies might work for them.

Remember, it’s not about fixing their feelings, it’s about teaching them how to manage them. Think of it as equipping them with a toolbox of coping strategies that they can use throughout their life. And hey, who knows? You might even learn a thing or two about managing your own stress in the process.

#3 – Be Your Child’s Voice

I talk to my son’s teacher almost every day. It feels like I’m THAT parent. But truly these are conversations that can help your child thrive.

We share with each other what’s going on in both spaces. After some poor choices at school one day, I was talking to his teacher. He came up to us, and I told him he’s not in trouble. We’re all on the same team, we are trying to help.

#4 – Set Realistic Expectations & Celebrate Their Strengths!

I really hate the saying “ADHD is a superpower” because to me it minimizes the struggles that come with it. We are a ‘low demand’ house when it comes to chores. My thought process is that if he’s having a hard time managing basic functions, how can I expect him to take out the trash? Feel free to disagree with me on that one.

We make a BIG DEAL over things that he does well, and the things that he completes. You can see on his face, his confidence building with each compliment.

There are some great strengths that are inside of your ADHD child! You’ve probably seen glimpses already. Maybe they’re wildly creative, spinning out imaginative tales that leave you in awe. Create an enviromnent where you highlight their creativity. My son LOVES to draw, and he’ll spend hours at the table colouring. Maybe your kid can complete a puzzle in record time – that’s amazing too! Let them know how amazing they are.

#5 – Most Importantly – Take Care of YOU.

This one is the most important one, and one I’m admittedly not great at.

While I’m writing this, I have my noise cancelling headphones on, drowning out the noise. Self care doesn’t always have to be a spa day. It’s whatever you want it to be.

Here’s the thing – in all your efforts to support your child, it’s just as important to remember to take care of yourself. You’re the one keeping this ship afloat, and to do that effectively, you’ve got to keep your own cup filled up.

You’re in this together. A happier, healthier you translates into a happier, healthier child.

Thanks For Reading

Just remember, take your time, keep learning, and celebrate the small victories along the way. And most importantly, remember that you’re not alone. You’ve got this. I’m always here to lend an ear!

Allison Zinnick


It’s me, hi. I have 80-ADHD. I’m teaching my son to be proud of his ADHD diagnosis. Own it, I say.

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