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I’m An Average Canadian

I choose to believe that the honkeys occupy Ottawa do not reflect the majority of the country. I believe that most of us:

Got vaccinated. Stayed home. Masked up.

This pandemic has taught me that humans, are kind of gross in more ways than one. Who knew that washing your hands and staying home when you’re sick prevents you from getting sick.

Who knew that so many people are so selfish that the very suggestion you put others first would cause this level of dissent.

Who knew that people would hurl aggressive attacks any time you disagree with their rhetoric.

Who knew that all it would take for the country to buckle was a bunch of white guys in trucks.

Who knew that a virus would provide the fuel to divide us further than we were.

I’m scared for us. I’m scared for Canada. I’m scared for the world.

Thank you to those who did their part, and who continue to think of others.

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