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Is this thing on?

The last time I had a blog… I was a reporter. It was filled with … interesting… opinions. Actually I wish I hadn’t deleted them all, I’m sure they would be fun to read.

Hi. I’m Allison. I’m a 34-year-old mother of two. A mother of two. Holy shit. That feels so strange to say. I took pictures of myself today. Wasn’t really a fan – usually I’m behind the camera.

I currently work for a municipality north of Edmonton, as a digital communications advisor. I manage our website and social media accounts. I also take photos, and film videos for our YouTube channel.

Like many people did in 2020 – I joined TikTok. Honestly, it’s probably my favourite social media app. It’s perfect for my ADHD brain. If you’d like to join me on there – I’m always looking to make new friends!

I’m not sure 100% what this page will be. Looking to tell stories about my life, mixed in with products that I enjoy, and possibly stories about small businesses in my area. Thanks for joining me!

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