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It’s so hard to find a book for ADHD kids – but I found one that’s a must!

A must read for parents & kids!

January 11, 2024

Hot Mess Express – and official book reviewer person

Allison Zinnick

If you’re a parent that has an ADHD kiddo – I’ve got a book for you.

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Some of the books I’ve bought that promote social and emotional learning… are duds. Sorry. I said it. They’re not engaging. The kids get bored and honestly it defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to do.

I stumbled upon an author by the name of Steve Herman who has created a series that my kid absolutely loves.

The first one I bought was called:

A Dragon With ADHD

It’s not just a children’s book; it’s like someone peeked into our lives and turned it into a magical, relatable story.

The main character is Drew – who happens to have a dragon that lives and goes to school with him.

The story gently tackles the challenges of ADHD. It’s not preachy; it’s like a buddy saying, “Hey, I get it.” My son likes to think that he too has a dragon that has ADHD. It made him feel like he was not alone in his struggles with ADHD and how his brain works differently.

“A Dragon with ADHD” opened up a whole new way for me and my kiddo to talk about ADHD. In a world that sometimes doesn’t get it, this book does. It’s more than a bedtime story; it’s a conversation starter, an ally in our ADHD journey. Trust me, it’s earned its spot on our bookshelf.

There are loads of other titles too like these:

Dragons not your thing? I got you. There are books that feature Unicorns and Dinosaurs too – if they’re more your thing.

What are your #ADHD story favourites?

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