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Join me on my latest hyperfocus – Merch

The A-Word Store



In true #ADHD fashion, I’ve swerved onto a new tangent – designing clothing for the…💅✨ mentally unwell💅✨?

I’ve designed a few choice items for the ADHD-ers. For now it’s just a handful of items, but if it goes well maybe we’ll add more. There are so many ways to go about a merch store but I’ve chosen to use a drop shipping service called Printful. It’s print on demand, I’ve ordered a piece so I could see how it all goes. But if you buy something, please let me know how it works for you and what you do and do not like. I thought about printing and producing myself but you can appreciate how disastrous that would be for someone who can barely remember to brush her teeth. Plus I’m pretty sure my husband would have another heart attack if boxes of shirts started piling up in our house.

Slay-DHD Collection

This is the SLAY-DHD crop hoodie. Now. Being old AF, I probably wouldn’t wear this, but I thought the younger kids might like it. Comes in t-shirt and oversized hoodie too!

That’s a chilli in the mouth – for neurospicy. Given that a few people had to ask what it was..a redesign might be in order. Actually, I had to explain a few of the designs..but they’re not “our kind” so I’m hoping. that is why they didn’t get it.

These ADHD shirts and hoodies are more than just clothes. It gives you a way to own your *sparkle*. Thank you for indulging my latest hyper-focus. If you have it in you to buy something – great – if not, sharing would be great! Thank you!!

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Check out the full collection

Shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and more.

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