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New on my YOUTUBE Channel – Let’s Talk #SideHustles. Are they legit? Or BS.

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If you’ve been here for a minute, you know that I’ve found myself without employment. I’ve been promoted to ‘house manager’, canned, axed…given the old heave-ho. This has meant searching for ways to make extra cash. I’m so grateful that our family can afford for me to stay home until the kids are older, but I like having a little bit of extra cash for shiny things.

Master Resell Rights

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on tik tok where “digital marketers”, I use that term loosely, are saying that they want to tell you how they made $5,000 while they were sleeping.

Now, I’m not saying that they didn’t make $5K while they were snuggled in their beds. I just don’t think they were telling the whole truth about how they got there.

There are a few lanes that it appears people go down. One is Master Resell Rights (MRR). The D-Commerce Blog breaks down MRRs, saying:  ‘Once you are in the course, the product that it teaches you to sell is the course you are in. So you buy the course, in order to sell it to others.’

Sounds very familiar.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where I’ve found the most success. I have been working through this blog, as well as Pinterest and Facebook, to post my Amazon Affiliate Links. Amazon so far has been the best for me, and one of the only ones that I’ve been accepted to. Not sure why I’m not cool enough for Walmart…


  1. Amazon is a well known brand that people know and trust

  2. You can get paid by direct deposit, Amazon gift cards or cheque – although cheques do cost money.


  1. Commission rates are pretty low in comparison to some other programs

  2. Cookie window is only 24 hours, meaning less residual sales

I curate lists that aren’t the obvious “deals” per say, and I work hard at it. I use Canva to produce higher quality graphics to attract on Pinterest rather than the product image through the link. All of that takes time. Over the course of a month and some, I’ve made $350. I’m of course very excited – that’s money I didn’t have before.

But when I see videos saying “I made $5K in my sleep”, either I’m REALLLLLLLY bad at this, or they’re not being totally truthful. Or? Maybe a bit of both.

Markets Are Oversaturated

Speaking of Canva, they recently transitioned away from their affiliate marketing program. You used to be able to make money by creating templates, in addition to a link that paid you per sign up. Now, they’ve switched to a model where you can access resources to promote Canva, but you won’t be paid for it.

Transcription and caption programs seem too to be overpopulated. I’ve applied at a few places and never heard back. Or you know, maybe I didn’t pass the test. Either way, I never heard anything.

Drop Shipping

I’ve been using a service called Printful to make and fullfill my orders on the A Word Storefront. Side note – I did also sign up for the Printful affiliate program. You get 10% worth of commissions made through your link.

Overall the experience from both a store side and customer side has been great. I tested it out and the products came quickly and as ordered. Quality was great as well.

there’s always a but…

I will say that in terms of merchandise, I was blown away at how much shipping costs. To me it makes it hard to sell certain things, when the cost so drastically increases. I find it hard to believe that lots of people are buying $30 mugs. In addition, to make quality designs, you either have to hire that out or you have to do it yourself. All of that takes time and money, when you’re trying to make money.

What are your ‘go to’ #SideHustles ?

I’d love to hear them! That is if you care to share.

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