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“No fun” January

Kidding. Well.. kind of.

Imma level with you. Your girl is terrible with money. I spend as if..I have it. Like it’s a future me problem – you know? Budgets have never been my thing. But I’m challenging myself this January to a No Spend Challenge.

What is a no spend challenge?

I’m glad you asked. Basically for 30 days, there are no treats. You buy things only that fall under the need category. This means no starbies, no pedicures with the girls, and NO AMAZON. That last part was just for me. Sorry for yelling.

ADHD-ers are notorious for impulse spending. A no spend challenge is good because it makes you ask yourself if you truly need something. It reduces clutter. We don’t need more stuff. You just might end up with some extra cash in your pocket!! If you’re like me and hate committing to things, start small. Try a week or weekend, or a specific no spend category, such as clothing, alcohol, or dining out.

The rules

Keep in mind – these are made up. You can make whatever rules you want to make. Think of things that you might over indulge in, and try to do it less. You might mess up and that’s ok. I think the goal over all is to just improve.

These are my ‘rules’.

My plan is to make an Amazon list of things that I saw that I might want and then see if I still want to buy it after the month is over. That way it’s intentional not impulsive.

Colour the circles green then you don’t spend and the circles red when you do. The goal is to have more green than red.

Let me know how you do! Drop any tips below.

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