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The truth: I’m addicted to my ADHD Medication

Hot Mess Express

Allison Zinnick

I thought it might be time to come clean. I am addicted to my ADHD medication, just like so many “experts” have said.

I am addicted.

Say what you want about medication, but personally I choose to utilize it as just one tool in my *disorganized* ADHD tool box. It’s not magic. Unfortunately.

The “experts” have you believing that you’ll become addicted to your ADHD medication. Heck, when I was diagnosed, I told the doctor I wasn’t going to take it. I didn’t want to be a “zombie”.  My mom said to me, “if you had a heart problem, wouldn’t you take it?”. Gulp. Got me there.

Can you help your symptoms with sleep, exercise, and nutrition? Yes. Of course. These things are all important to maintain with or without ADHD, but even more so for brains like ours.

Beyond Genes: Leveraging Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition to Improve ADHD

But the people telling you that you can treat ADHD with essential oils are often the same ones that say that you only think you have ADHD because you watched a video on Tik Tok. My friend went to her doctor to ask about an ADHD diagnosis. You know what this woman said?

Ah, you must be spending too much time on Tik Tok. Doctor, with all the audacity

Ma’am, with all due respect, get all the way out of town. I truly don’t get why someone would be like ooh! A disorder that labels me as disorganized, impulsive, and lazy? That sounds like so much fun!

I mean… don’t get me wrong, we do have fun.

So what are the other “tools” in the toolbox?

I’m so glad you asked. 

First, I want to note that some affiliate links may appear below. I may receive a small commish, at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate the support.

If You Like It, You Should Put a Tracker On It

Be intentional with your organization. Let people in your world know the things you need to be successful. I like to have a note on my phone to dump all of the information out of my brain, otherwise it truly is gone forever. I will say though, sometimes it’s like decoding a mystery to figure out what I was trying to remind myself of. Get trackers for your keys and other important things. If keys are a problem for you, they have locks now that you can use your thumbprint or unlock from your phone!

Break Tasks Into Smaller Chunks

This is … is my desk. After I organized it. Is it still messy? Yes. But it’s fine.

Truthfully it’ll take me a couple days to organize it. Creating realistic expectations for yourself, is a game changer.

Set Up Your World to Work With YOUR Brain

I don’t have a dresser anymore. This realization actually came from my ADHD son. I would go into his room…ALL of the clothes I had put away in his drawer, were pulled out. I would get so annoyed, until I realized, OF COURSE. He can’t see what’s in there. Object Permanance is the literal manifistation of “out of sight, out of mind”. If he can’t *see* it, it doesn’t exist. I bought him some cube shelves, and then set up my room the same way. Small changes like this can help reduce frustration and truly have a positive impact on your life.

Drown Out the Noise & the Distractions

There are ways to reduce the distractions in your space. These include:

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones

  2. Turn off notifications on your devices

  3. Schedule “focus” time with a visual timer

Last but not least, BE KIND TO YOURSELF

This is an important tool. We are our own worst critics. Perfection is a myth. Take pride whenever you make choices that contribute to your success. And if mistakes happen, see it is a learning opportunity and a way to improve. Growth doesn’t have to be a linear journey.

In Closing

Remember, you are not alone, and there is a wealth of resources and communities ready to support you on this journey.

Please contact me if you need me to lend an ear. I’m here for you!


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