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Things I bought on AMAZON and LOVED

Hot Mess Express

Allison Zinnick

Things I ACTUALLY bought last year on Amazon and loved.

Note – I’m continuing my no spend January journey. If you’re wanting to skip this blog to continue on that path…I completely understand lol.

Also important to note that I’m terrible at writing these because I don’t want to come off sales-man-y. It’s not my thing. Disclaimer

Affiliate links included. Commissions earned based on products purchased.

Do all dogs shed this much?

My dog Ginger sheds more than any dog I’ve ever seen. I’ve never had a dog before and I was astounded at the amount of fur that comes off of her every minute of the day.

So I bought this vacuum and we brush her once a day. It hasn’t completely eliminated the hair from our floors but it’s made a huge dent that’s for sure.

It also came with attachments for nail trimming, pad shaving, as well as a brush to get rid of hair on furniture or clothing. It’s on sale right now

As some of you may know, or not, I recently got fired. I truly think this was partly because I unmasked some of my #ADHD symptoms. But that’s another story. As a result, I had to buy some new camera and content creation tools. Here’s what I bought. Some I kept, some I returned.

  1. Canon R50 – definitely not as good as my previous camera. BUT it’s a capable unit and has so far done the job. Especially good if you want to step up from your phone for Tik Tok & YouTube.

  2. Hohem iSteady Gimbal – at my job I had a rig that was 2x the cost of this. This unit is lightweight, easier to use, easier to balance. And truly I feel it’s a better unit.

  3. Phone Gimbal – The hohem comes with a phone attachment that allows landscape and portrait filming. But before I got that, I was using the DJI phone gimbal. It does a great job, albeit sometimes was a bit clunky in the tracking. Alternatively, this unit is cheaper, and comes with a light to attach above your phone. I’ve not used it though, so I’m not sure on its capability.

  4. Microphone – if you’re doing content creation, in my opinion, this is the thing you should buy first. It just makes your content that more professional. I bought a few mics this year, mostly because I kept losing the pieces.. This comes with a case that charges the mic and receiver!

  5. Lighting – lighting is also important. You don’t necessarily need a ring light like this one, but this is what I started with. I also bought a unit that clips onto my camera & my phone rig.

Bottom line – and a piece of advice I need to take myself – is to just start making content. Send me a message so I can subscribe to your channel!!

Working on my fitness-ish

Ok so I lost a little bit of weight this year. I did the thing that lots of people are doing, Ozempic. I wanted to be transparent about that. It wasn’t magic. I didn’t just watch what I ate. I had assistance. That being said, I bought some fitness related things that I want to share.

First is this treadmill. I bought it before I got fired, so I could use it under my desk. Now it’s in the upstairs living room. My son also has ADHD so now he uses it while he’s watching TV to get out some energy. I would love to post it …but I’m afraid people will think I’m trying to get him to lose weight lol.

I bought these for lifting and I love them. I see now on the description that it says they’re for pole dancing. I should give that a go.

I told you the the bad.

I did buy this..but in true ADHD fashion…never used it. I don’t know who I thought I was when I bought this outfit. It looked ridiculous on me.

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